Pale Hands I Loved

This 45-minute one-woman revue was developed during a residency at Links Hall and combines alternate versions of many of Miller’s other acts, shaped into a loose narrative that explores female performance identities from a bygone era of the Jazz Age Stage and the Golden Age of Hollywood. These acts include:

The Box
Falling In Love Again
The Lover
Speak Low

Embodying the highly-stylized female personas of the stage and screen, and employing the traditions of vaudeville, cabaret, and burlesque to enact distinctly private occurrences, Meredith Miller creates a world in which audience members become both peeping toms and ticketed patrons, viewing the backstage mechanisms of identity. If all the world’s a stage, and life is a cabaret, is there ever a moment in which we are not performing? This piece includes live performances of songs by Friedrich Hollaender, Fred Rose, Kurt Weill, and Tom Musick. It was developed under the mentorship of Lisa Samra.

This piece is well suited for travel to colleges and universities, especially film and theater studies, or women’s studies departments. Can provide an accompanying study guide and post-show discussion.

Read dance critic Sid Smith’s interview with Meredith about the project for here

Production Stills and Video: