Performed to Bing Crosby crooning “The Moon Got In My Eyes”, this tragicomical pageant features elaborate sculptural hats–a hapless ship drawn towards a caddish lighthouse — to illustrate how the illusion of love can lead one astray. The solo version was recently performed at the After Party Show, where it was reviewed in the Chicago Reader, and at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art’s artEdge. It has been performed at Links Hall (Hexes and Heroes), The Chopin Theater (Madness in Miniature), and at The Three Arts Awards Ceremony at The Museum of Contemporary Art. The two person version of this piece, performed at Collaboraction’s Sketchbook 11, and featuring Mike Oleon in the lighthouse role, was awarded Best Devised Piece, and Best Overall Production. The two person version was also performed at The Double Door (opening for The Retar Crew), at The Mary Bijou Cabaret in Cardiff, Wales (featuring George Fuller), and at The Kimball Arts Center (featuring Tom Musick). Good for small-, mid-, and large-sized theater venues.

Duration: three minutes.

Read the review in Chicago Reader.