The Abduction

A six minute long “wearable toy-theater operetta”, this mini-melodrama is an ode to the timeless tragedy of heartbreak. Decked out in a three-tiered dress of red velvet curtains, Miller’s body becomes a miniature stage, on which she enacts a timeless tale of tragedy and heartbreak that one brings on themselves in the name of love.

Contains intricate choreography of both puppets and the elaborately rigged costume. Best performed for intimate audiences of 40 people or less.

Press Quotes:

The human body and its presence were both ingeniously central to Meredith Miller…

— Ira Murphin, Chicago Art Criticism

The human body and its presence were both ingeniously central to Meredith Miller’s The Abduction, performed between the two Great Small Works pieces. Miller, an accomplished designer and burlesque performer, presented a sort of bodily mash-up of the forms. A series of curtained toy theaters mounted on her body, from her head on down, invoked the tantalizing anticipation just before the unfolding of any performance. The best example would be Meredith [Miller], who’s doing a piece of toy theater meets burlesque, where this tension is all happening on her body itself.

— Seth Bockley, interviewed by Monica Westin, New City

Recent Performances:

  • Great Small Works’ International Toy Theater Festival at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn, 2010
  • Toy Theater After Dark at Open Eye Theater in Minneapolis, 2010
  • The World is Flat! A Weekend of Toy Theater at Chicago’s Links Hall, 2010
  • The Penland School of Crafts