The Immortals

A shadow-puppetry homage to the famous deaths of our most beloved celebrities.  Black comedy at its finest, this piece always generates the best kind of uncomfortable laughter, and is a huge hit with the inebriated.  Originally a commission for the premiere of Elvira’s Haunted Hills at SmartBar. It can be performed salon-style at parties and events (Miller performs individual “deaths” on request), or in full length stage version (about 8 minutes in length).  Performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s artEdge, Radiant Darkness at Links Hall, Prime Shorts at The Hideout, The Chopin (Madness in Miniature), THAW (a benefit for Links Hall), The Belmont Burlesque Revue, The Girlie-Q Variety Hour, and The Matchbox Show, a puppetry variety show in Michigan. Good for small-sized venues and party events. (Photos below by Paul Crisanti)